Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I've recently amassed a 'bit' of wool/yarn and had to find somewhere sensible to store it, so decided to have a bit of a tidy/sort out in the vague hope of finding more storage... and found a few UFO*s along the way, buried at the bottom of a long forgotten 'to-do' pile...
here's one of them

I had totally forgotten about it... I think I was going to use it as part of a cover for my dogs cage as a panel on one end?... until the dog started chewing her blankets and I realised that the new cover I had planned was destined for a similar fate... and into the UFO pile it went. I shall have to think of something else to do with it now or it'll more than likely end up as a cushion !!

* = Un Finished Objects


  1. Oh it says cushion to me, perhaps that because I just finished a round floor cushion for my little one.

  2. if only you knew how many unfinished cushions I have here LOL, but yep, I think it'll have to be a simple cushion or it'll end up back in the UFO pile :o)

  3. That is very cool! I would not be wanting the dog to chew on it either!

    I so know what you mean about UFO's! That's why I try to turn all of my attention to miniatures.... Oh, look! A bunny! :)

    Best wishes for your new blog. :) I want to start a second one as well, wonders when I'll find the time for that! ;)

  4. Thanx Dale... I have more than enough miniature UFO's to keep me busy too! This year is the year for finishing things... (she says STARTING another blog AND a knitting addiction)... I see those same bunnies... & I'm really trying hard to ignore them :D