my wish list

to be able to eventually knit this :
pic from the book 'Knitted Gardens' by Jan Messent

and to afford to buy this kit :
Crescent Colours & Country Cottage Needleworks 'Sweet treets'
shown here as stitched by Nina, 'Between the Crosses with Nina'

and I want/NEED these two adorable new applique patterns from the ever talented Florinne Johnson 

and I'd love to eventually find time to make a doll from this book I've loved for ages and finally bought!

oh, and to possibly have a 27 hr day or an 8 day week, so that I may finish all the UFO's that are hidden away... waiting patiently


  1. Hi Wendie
    Wow just look at all you beautiful work! Is there anything you can't put your hand to? Great blogging. Ta

  2. Thanx Loani, a compliment from some-one as talented as you are makes me feel quite honoured indeed :o) and to answer your question... many things! like I can't knit a tea cosy... yet LOL