Wednesday, 16 March 2011

1st post!

OK so here goes... another outlet for my creative activities & ramblings!

I love making my miniatures, but textiles of any description have also been the cause of much Oooh-ing and Ahhh-ing by me over the years too, so I thought about it for a while, and decided to have a seperate blog just for my stitched stuff.

For those that dont know me, I am one of those peeps that has my fingers in lots of creative 'pies'. I find some creative crafts more addictive than others, depending on my mood, the seasons, my bank balance, a spark that lands from somewhere... and many other reasons! If you havnt arrived here via my other blog that I show my miniature work on, and you'd like to have a look, it's Wendies Mini World, click the link & it'll take you there.

My other past hobbies will unfold over time, but for now, my new 'addiction' is knitting! As long as I can remember, my mum has been a knitter who's always tried to encourage me to join her in her craft. I always adamantly declined. My sister learnt from her, and the way I saw it back then was that they were both doing a fine job, I didnt need to learn! ... Now, after many decades, I'm ready!!!

During the last school holiday, a local craft centre was offering mum & daughter knitting days. My daughter & I thought it might be a bit different to our usual outings and decided to join in and I am so glad we did!

step 1 - learn to cast on ... ✔
Step 2- learn to knit stitch... ✔
Step 3 -learn to cast off... ✔
(please note - there was much cussing during the above steps! LOL)
Step 4 -Repeat step 1 and learn to purl... ✔
then we were given Homework! - knit 1, Purl 1. Also known as moss stitch.... ✔

its uneven, its messy... I'd like to think it was just the wool I was using!

step 5 - show my mum! who immediately decided this was all FAR too easy peasy and dull and taught me how to do a bobble stitch!!!! OMG, my head nearly exploded with the pressure! Luckily, we get on VERY well and had tears of laughter streaming down our faces whilst watching my attempt, but I finally got there :o)

and I was rather pleased with it :o)

I bought a book that has lots of other stitches in it, and am going to wade through it, making other 6 inch squared patterns and eventually make them all up into a blanket.

Armed with this minimal experience, I then discovered the most amazing yarn/wool/fabric!!! and made these.

The black/grey & the red/orangey yarns are both Rico Cancan, and was just so easy to knit that I went out and bought several other colours to make up for friends! The blue is a different brand, 'Butterfly' and was a little trickier to knit with.
I found this link on youtube that shows just how easy it is! hope it helps someone.

Well... I think that's 'it' for my first post, hopefully as I progress onto more difficult projects, I may even gain a few followers? :o)



  1. Yey!!! im the first follower! Will pop you on my felting blog of the blogs i follow... yey, have a real fibre friend!
    Nikki xxx

  2. I love the bobble stitch. Your kitting is looking great! xxx

  3. Awww fankooo Nikki :D I dont feel so lonely in here now LOL

    At first I wondered what on earth I'd ever do with a bobble stitch but I might make meself a funky hat with boobles on. Although Spring's not the best time to be thinking about woolly stuff at least I'll have some nice new stuff by winter!!

  4. oops... bobbles not boobles!!!! LMAO I must look for typos before hitting 'post'

  5. Your knitting is great kins. I love those scarves. I hate knitting but love crochet.

    looking forward to seeing your other posts.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I seen that wool to buy (the type used for the scarves!), amazing wool and the scarves are so fashionable too! I can knit, but hate Sister has taken up crocheting!

    Michelle xxx

  7. Wow Wendie, how have you managed to move on from knit one pearl one to creating these marvellous scarves!!! Amazing, I want to be one of your friends, they are gorgeous but I think the black one is my favourite sooooo elegant.
    What a talented lady you are.

  8. Janice, they are REALLY easy to make! watch the video, its just a simple knit stitch... honestly, its so simple even I managed it LOL x

  9. Oh love the look of your new blog Wendie! I would like to be able to knit more myself but I can only do basic day I will have a knitted blanket to prove that I knitted
    You have another follower:)

  10. thanx Yvonne, I can only do 'basic' myself! talking of which, I havn't used my needles for a few days... best I do some more before I forget how to do it LOL :o)

  11. Hi Wendie, thank you so much for your visit, I've also just become one of your fans so we can keep in touch! Oh your blogs are so beautiful and lovely! I'm learning how to knit too, and same to you, I can only do the basic stitches right now!!! Looking forward to seeing your complete knitting project, surely you will soon adore us with it! And you know, even the first pieces, you made them perfect!
    Take loads of care and have a wonderful week!
    LS, x