my cross stitch

 My first ever 'proper' cross stitch. 
I love dolls houses so it seemed perfect for me!
completed 1996?

My Roses Sampler was made up using various bits of patterns from 'The American School of Needlework - Ultimate book of Roses'. It took a while to work out the spacings etc, but I thoroughly enjoyed making this.

designed and finished 1998

I've also made umpteen different xmas and birthday cards using cross stitch designs, I havn't done any cross stitch in the last few years apart from this one


  1. Who is the designer or what is the kit name of the doll house? It is so cute!

  2. Hi Teresa, I'm fairly sure the kit was by Bucilla & called the Dolls House Hutch, I bought it in the 1990's but unfortunately I believe it has now been discontinued as I've never found any reference to it being available online. Hope you are lucky in your search to track one down x

  3. Please help ive started a cross stitch i have realised i havegot the fabric up the wrong way and the design wont fit is there a soloution????

  4. Oops :(( there is, but unless the total surface of the fabric is covered with stitches, you WILL see a join and it may be better to start again. If the design covers the whole fabric piece however, you can add more of the same cross stitch fabric to the edge/s by tacking the 2 pieces together, overlapping them slightly and 'just' stitching over/through both pieces doing the same X stitch. Hope this helps, and I wish you lots of luck, hope you dont have to unpick it or ditch it and start again x