Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I made a beret... it sorta went wrong... well, it came out WAY too big anyways.
Methinks I shall be unpicking & restitching it on smaller needles or just go out looking like a blind giant mushroom?

and instead of working my way through my stash, more 'stuff' has found its way in!! ... oops,
but it was a gift... and it's all gorgeous, so it's a great exception to my destashing rule !!!

My very lovely friend at The Happy Felter decided to have a go at spinning and kindly gave me her first results to play with :D I had to guess at what size needles to use so went for UK 8's as they're the biggest I had!!!

after a few rows its looking like I may use it all to make a big bag or I may even get a giant crochet hook and turn it into a waistcoat? I just dont want to make any more hats or scarves!!! whatd'ya think?... all ideas welcomed. Whatever it chooses to become, I know its gonna be luvly, Thankyou Nikki x

oh, and the scarf... its still growing, I get bored distracted so easily...