Tuesday, 22 March 2011

tarting it up!

I've added a few extra pages, (tabs under the header) for you to see some of my other stitched 'stuff' that I've made over the years, to give you an idea of the sort of projects that take me hostage, & what kind of things you may see appearing here besides my attempts at knitting!
I have almost 'scarfed myself silly' now.... no more... ok, 2 more to do and thats it... I HAVE to move on to something more challenging!

this is yet another type of 'net' like yarn I've tried. This yarn is Katia - Triana, and unlike the Rio - Cancan yarn that you can choose to make 2 scarves from one ball or one really long one, this Katia wool is supposed to do one scarf per 100g ball, but mine seems a little on the short side to me... perhaps I should have done my stitches a little tighter together? might have gained me a couple of rows over the length of the scarf?

Perhaps I shall make a start on something from this book that has caught my imagination :o)maybe my love of miniatures draws me to it, or that it just looks so warm and summery... spring's not quite sprung enough for me... its trying tho LOL methinks I need to practice some texture squares first... no point running before I can walk eh?

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  1. What a lovely book! that bed does look quite cosy and inviting.