Sunday, 10 April 2011

upgrade from UFO to WIP = more cushions!

Another UFO has been promoted to a Work In Progress :o)
I found this long forgotten project lurking sadly in the bottom of a basket when I had a clear out in my workroom a couple of months ago. I had originally bought it about 8 years ago, stitched about an inch of the centre and decided that I HATED stitching on pre printed canvas... and quit! Anyway... I reminded myself that this year IS going to be the year I turn my stash into completed projects so off to work I set. I admit to getting completely & utterly mind numbingly bored filling in all the white stitches!! and wasn't enthused at persuing its completion but got there in the end :o)

It still has to be turned into a cushion but that wont take me long, I just need to work out what sort of backing I want to put on it. Also it only measures up at present to 10" square so I'll probly add another border to it to make it big enough to at least be classed as a useable cushion!
(The needlepoint kit was from Candamar Designs)

I've also been doing a bit more knitting and have made even MORE can-can scarves & can happily state that I have had enough of scarves now and dont think I'l be making any more for a Looooong while LOL
I made another square from my book too, which proved quite a learning curve as there was an error in the pattern!!! so I had to work it out for myself in the end, but this taught me quite a lot in the process about un-knitting/fixing !

I know I have to 'block' it as its gone a bit zigzaggy on the edges but its another pattern I can tick off as 'done' and another square closer to my sample blanket being completed :o) I'm determined that its gonna be a blanket and not just a few MORE cushions! LOL
(the material in the background was a 'must have' purchase, that I havn't decided quite what to do with, ...yet)

Despite the weather in the UK turning into summery /shorts weather, I have started on my bobble hat at last :o) after my mum showed me how to do a bobble stitch I thought it would be fun to make a bobble covered, 'bobble hat', it was tricky learning how to make the little bobbles but have since found a great online tutorial for those of you not lucky enough to have a mum like mine to show you .
click this link to take you to Heidi Bears great bobble stitch tutorial
I'll add pics amd pattern when there's more to show than the first few rows.

I went to the Stitch n Craft show at the Bath & West showground this week and nearly wore my feet out browsing & shopping. I bought lots of goodies and despite trying to clear my stash and my never ending 'to-do' list, I bought lots of lovely new stuff to add to to it!! hahaha... I never learn! but I am hopeful that my new goodies will be turned into completed projects over the next few weeks and not just delegated into the U.F.O. bin just yet ;o)


  1. Good for you! I'm cheering for you in your quest to get your WIPs completed and clear UFOs. It's a system I *totally* subscribe to!=)

    Interesting that you have Fibro. I used to have a related condition: ME/CFS. I'm wondering if our need to get stuff done is related to the type of personality which clicks for hypothalamus disorders like FMS and CFS. Anyway, I got rid of CFS with Mickel Therapy, which also zaps Fibro - permanently. Websearch it if you're interested in a release from the prison.=)


  2. HI Elizabeth, I've kinda got my fibro under control at the moment...(fingers crossed) Ive identified many, many foodstuffs/processes that trigger negative body responses & now avoid them at all costs!! I also pace my activities so I dont have the boom & bust that I used to get, thus reducing stress levels too(Hence the attempt to plan ahead with future projects/timescales). Luckily I am now off all the meds and ticking along nicely, even playing golf again which is something I love :o) altho if I overdo 'life', boy do I know about it! I'd like to say I'm almost over it, but not 100% sure I'm there yet. I've never heard of that therapy so will google it, I have met many others with the same condition & it may be useful to them. Thankoo x