Monday, 23 April 2012

new oomph!

I have been awol for a while as we've had big refurbs at home... but now the dust has finally settled (quite literally!!!) ... my clever hubbs built my cutting table and I now have the crafting room that I've been dreaming of for simply ages!!! :D

 the drawer boxes came from ikea, some new, some very old ! they're really good value storage drawers, but they are soooo plain and boring looking so I decorated them with ordinary household emulsion paints, then scanned & printed out some of my fabrics onto paper and glued the papers onto some of the drawer fronts, this is probly best done with a pritt stick as pva can cause some paper to stretch and go a bit wrinkly... yeh I found out the hard way LOL
  the quilt on the bed is one I made about 7-8 years ago for my daughter but she's into lime green & purple now, so it's all mine! :D I have a ton of cushions planned to cover/bury the bed under LOL and a lot of other finishing off bits but I'm getting there slowly! I DID however finally finish off the 'decopatch' button shelf I started last year! 
Ta Da!!!!
credit where it's due, this upcycled spice rack idea I pinched from Yvonne over at BoxofTrix, its taken me nearly a year to collect enough empty spice jars to fill it mind you, but I'm really pleased with it ... I need to cover all those lids tho as they're a bit...??? just not 'me'!

I now have curtains too :D... I had a dim lightbulb moment & had a good rummage in my laundry cupboard and found these vintage beauties that are just the right length, that I have had for years, yet they have never managed to fit any window in any home I've ever lived in...until now! :D  I knew there was a good reason I never throw anything out!
 there is still LOTS to do in there, like painting a big cabinet I bought from Ebay to store my fabric in... which I really must be getting on with, so, bye for now & see you soon.


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