Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I made a beret... it sorta went wrong... well, it came out WAY too big anyways.
Methinks I shall be unpicking & restitching it on smaller needles or just go out looking like a blind giant mushroom?

and instead of working my way through my stash, more 'stuff' has found its way in!! ... oops,
but it was a gift... and it's all gorgeous, so it's a great exception to my destashing rule !!!

My very lovely friend at The Happy Felter decided to have a go at spinning and kindly gave me her first results to play with :D I had to guess at what size needles to use so went for UK 8's as they're the biggest I had!!!

after a few rows its looking like I may use it all to make a big bag or I may even get a giant crochet hook and turn it into a waistcoat? I just dont want to make any more hats or scarves!!! whatd'ya think?... all ideas welcomed. Whatever it chooses to become, I know its gonna be luvly, Thankyou Nikki x

oh, and the scarf... its still growing, I get bored distracted so easily...


  1. LOL Love the hat...too bad you can't see where you're going! lol

    What wonderful coloured wools too, very chunky needles, this looks like knitting for beginners...erm about where I'm at, but I know it's not! ;o)

    Michelle xxx

  2. :-D what a giggle tee hee! I think this is the new look for winter 2011! I can see it on the catwalk even if the models won't be able to see themselves down the catwalk LOL! You made me smile Wendie-kins.As for that orange wool wow cool colours maybe you should make witchy leg warmers, a tea pot cosey, A big pumpkin bag would be cool!!!