Monday, 30 April 2012

My Monday

I do love Mondays! a busy weekend over, family back to work / school and I get the house all to meself ! this is when I have MY equivalent to most peeps lazy Sunday... so that means Ive sort of had 2 Sundays this week as I got a day to meself yesterday as well and went off to the Creative Craft show at the Bath & West showground with one of my best friends. 
I didnt buy much, I'm really trying hard to be good and only buy 'stuff' that I need to finish other 'stuff' so just bought a few buttons and fq's (for things on my 'To-Do' list, honest!), and some strange bobbly vintage furry looking fabric.. but then I found a man with a whole roll of the now discontinued Ikea blue paisley rosali fabric! ... I squeeled!!! (If you havn't already guessed, I sortof  have a major thing for this rosali collection!) I then had one of those rare OMG palpitation hotflush shopping moments followed by a very girlie giggle LOL and then spent the last dosh in my pocket buying enough to satisfy me for quite some time :D 
... my friend did chuckle & claimed it was like a comedy sketch watching me, but seriously... it felt like I was the one that found the last willy wonka golden ticket!!! I wasnt in the slightest bit bothered either at having spent my budget with hours of the show still left... I was satisfied in a way only a fabricoholic would ever understand!
The friend I went with to the show, has an alterations / 'make do n mend' kinda shop and we've been planning her new window display to reflect the upcoming Jubilee & Olympics so I made a couple of cushions for her to go in the window (or on her comfy sofa in the shop) I havnt been brave enough to cut into my beloved rosali yet tho LOL.... 

I was quite pleased how they both turned out as I sort of made it up as I went along LOL I have some bunting planned too, (thankfully thats much quicker & easier than applique cushions) and have been cutting what seemed like about a gazillion triangles out ... but I cant show that yet as some of the fabric I wanted to use hasn't arrived :((   I do hope it hurries up as I'm getting very twitchy and impatient!!

Anyways, thats it  (for now) I'm trying to ease meself back gently into this blogging lark, and I'm not even sure if there's many peeps out there that are even reading my waffle LOL but hello and welcome if y'are! :D



  1. I'm visiting, reading and...I LUV your cute leeetle cushions! Very Pretty!


  2. Oh I just wish I could have "my Mondays" like yours! So great, right?! Just quite and it's time for your creations! I love your heart cushions, they are so beautiful!
    Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Monday ahead!!!
    Best, LS